Christmas Full Moon 2015

by Judith Bogner, 24 December 2015 This year on Christmas Day we will experience a full moon for the first time [...]

Christmas Full Moon 20152020-04-27T13:03:27+01:00

Greece – Take Back your Power

By Judith Bogner, 30 June 2015 Current events in Greece have prompted me and two of my closest allies - Elena [...]

Greece – Take Back your Power2017-04-21T13:15:13+01:00

Spring Awakening (VLB* 25 April 2015)

Spring is here and it is oh so delicious! I've experienced the magical transition from the stillness of winter to this [...]

Spring Awakening (VLB* 25 April 2015)2017-04-21T13:15:13+01:00

Peel-off Your Companion Relationship

by Elena Era, 19 April 2015 If you stay in a relationship because you are afraid of loneliness, you will never [...]

Peel-off Your Companion Relationship2017-04-21T13:15:13+01:00

Beltaine – Celebrating The Sacred Fire Of Life

by Judith Bogner, 19 April 2015 In perfect reflection to the flowering of MyRoseSanctuary, nature around my home has been bursting with life and [...]

Beltaine – Celebrating The Sacred Fire Of Life2017-04-21T13:15:13+01:00