Stones and Luminosity

by Judith Bogner, 24 July 2013 The Master of the Roses speaks: The light that shines your way is luminous [...]

Stones and Luminosity2017-04-21T13:15:15+01:00

Diamonds of Creation

by Judith Bogner, 21 December 2012 I have been undergoing a period of transformation and adjustment since my last article [...]

Diamonds of Creation2017-04-21T13:15:15+01:00

The Waters of Life

by Judith Bogner, 26 August 2012 In the past few weeks the theme of rebirth and renewal has featured strongly [...]

The Waters of Life2017-04-21T13:15:15+01:00

Your Own Olympic Team

by Judith Bogner, 27 July 2012 As I stood today, like every day, at noon raising my hands to the [...]

Your Own Olympic Team2017-04-21T13:15:16+01:00

Darkness and the Black Sun

by Judith Bogner, 30 June 2012 When I recently recorded a journey-meditation in celebration of the June solstice, something was [...]

Darkness and the Black Sun2017-04-21T13:15:16+01:00