Artem Runes, By Amanda Healy

by Judith Bogner, 18 April 2015

Divination is a permanent feature in my shamanic work with clients. It’s an excellent tool for example to get inspired, gain clarity about different potentials before making a choice, understanding the dynamics of a situation.


Leo is doing a reading

My favourite allies for divination are objects conceived by their creator in partnership with Spirit, born from Mother Nature and  empowered by the elements, infused with the creator’s love and the highest most positive intent. The Artem Runes made by Amanda Healy are such objects. When I first received them in the mail, I had goosebumps simply holding the package. A deliciously wrapped pouch came forth with a selection  of animal runes, born from earth, water, fire and air. Each rune vibrated and pulsated in my hand. No wonder Leo the cat got up from his nap, drawn near to join the magic of the Animal Kingdom.

P1010055 (Small)

Amanda in her workspace

Like myself, Amanda is a student of the Shamanic Way of Life. At the time of writing, she is in her final year as Shamanic Practitioner training at the Sacred Trust and delivers formidable work with her clients. Amanda is also a masterful craftswoman who creates fine ceramic sculptures and shamanic tools in her pottery in Lancashire under the name “Sharamic”. All her work is Spirit-led and authentic.

Amanda 1

Amanda & Lancer

The Artem Runes I described above are living evidence of Amanda’s deep love for the animals and specifically for her horse Lancer. You can feel this love radiate through every detail. The set includes 13 runes, each dedicated to a specific animal and its gifts. A booklet describes how the runes were born, the significance of each animal and its service, including helpful guidance on how to use the runes individually and various ways to do a reading. As in all shamanic practices with integrity, the runes are there to empower you, so Amanda’s suggestions leave plenty of room to develop your own way of divining.

P1010021 (Small)

Owl Rattles, by Amanda Healy

The animals also speak through Amanda’s Sharamic rattles which I use for calling to power, clearing a space or doing extractions.  And how present they are! Each time I work with the owl rattle the Spirit of the barn owl inside is gazing right at me! Amanda’s Sharamic animal rattles at this point include horse, bee, bear, owl and fox rattles, more animals are in the making.

I’m so grateful and honoured that Amanda has agreed for ‘Sharamic’ to be presented as one of the Rose Sanctuary Treasures and warmly recommend her work.

To get in touch with Amanda or to order Sharamic products, please send her a friend request on Facebook (Amanda Healy Henthorne) or email her at: a.healy (at) btinternet.com

Further examples of Amanda’s ‘Shamaric’ creations: