by Judith Bogner, 19 April 2015

In perfect reflection to the flowering of MyRoseSanctuary, nature around my home has been bursting with life and activity with much delicious fragrance, sound and colour. All over the garden bees and bumblebees are foraging for food, while the birds in our neighbourhood are gathering nesting material and singing their mating songs. Each time I step outside I feel a current of excitement running through the earth.

As April gently turns into May, the morning dew and the increasing warmth of the sun rays stir the desire to celebrate life. Our Celtic ancestors knew this special time as Beltaine which is understood to translate as “brilliant fire”. It is a time of much welcome light, warmth and abundance after the barren cold and darkness of winter: the days are growing longer, the fields are turning lush and green. In the old Anglo-Saxon lunar calendar, May was known as “Drimilcemonao” because cows were milked three times a day!

Beltane Rites around the end of April are held all over Europe with bonfires, flower wreaths and branches, May poles, blessing of the fields, driving the livestock between fires, just to name a few. Similar symbols and rituals are observed in other cultures around the globe. Whatever the local name or tradition, they all serve to welcome, acknowledge and celebrate the return of the sun and the natural surge in earth energies during the spring season of the annual creation cycle. During Beltane, men and women become the incarnation of the God and the Goddess, joining in a sacred union of heaven and earth to bring fertility, well-being and renewal to the land, the beasts and the people.

The Divine Feminine is seen here as the archetypal maiden who stands at the beginning of her transition into motherhood. At this point the triple Goddess is the virgin, the “green shoot” (Latin ‘virile’ = “to be green, to flourish”). She is a free spirit and owned by no one but herself which is the true meaning of being a virgin. During Beltane, the virgin Goddess choses her mate as the Green Man, the Stag King or other archetypal representations of the Divine Masculine. Through their sacred union she conceive the sun-child and new life for the land is assured. For a while the virgin now turned mother sacrifices her freedom as she shares herself with the growing life in her womb until it is safely released into the world and she is free to transition from mother to her wise old aspect, the crone, and once again to virgin.

There is great purpose and deep meaning to the invocation of these archetypes at Beltane. The warming rays of the sun stir something deep within the Earth, and thus also in our human bodies as much as within plants and animals. It is the surge of the sacred fire, a magnetic life force, known sometimes as the serpentine power or the Kundalini. It is this life force that invigorates each cell and continuously renews and heals us. It flows along fibres that make up and connect all of creation. It must be allowed to flow naturally and unhindered, free from limiting judgmental thoughts, to fully unfold its power. Thoughts or words that induce fear, guilt or shame limit the nourishing flow of this life force.

The celebration of life always begins within and how we feel about ourselves. If we love ourselves with all that we are, including the light and the shadow, that love must be reflected back by the world around us. If we are able to embrace our earthy sensuality and allow the deliciousness of the inner fire to nourish us, our life force runs full steam along all the fibres that connect us to the outer world. We thrive and glow with well-being, and so do all our creations.

I invite you to enjoy this spring with new awareness for all the goodness it brings. I invite you to walk barefoot in the morning dew, to feel the air on your skin and to greet the morning sun with a prayer of gratitude. I invite you to drink in the colours, sounds and fragrances offered by nature with all your senses. Breathe in the Earth’s blessings and feel her fire soar within you.

May your inner fire burn brightly and bring you health, ease and well-being in all aspects of your life.

May your journey ahead be illuminated by the Beltane fire.

Judith x