AthenaBy Judith Bogner, 30 June 2015

Current events in Greece have prompted me and two of my closest allies – Elena Era and Meg Adamson-Gour – to come together and jointly create a very special two part video series.

Elena is based in Athens. She shares how she and her family master this extraordinary time of change and most importantly how to remain positive and in a flow of well-being. Together we put the situation on the ground in Greece into perspective –  with a call for you to join us to transmute fear and facilitate hope and new solutions.

What the brave people of Greece are experiencing right now is unheard of for a country in the middle of Europe, part of the so-called developed world. Overburdened with debt, depleted by 7 years of economic depression, governed by unexperienced leaders, faced with a referendum that seems but a choice between a rock and hard place.

Elena, Meg and I believe that our thoughts and words are powerful. What we think and speak creates our reality. We believe that consciously combining and focussing our thoughts and words can create a new benevolent and prosperous reality for all of us.

We believe that all who witness from the outside world can join their energies with the people of Greece. Together we can shift the situation. Together we can facilitate new solutions, dissolve fear and amplify hope.

Greece shows the way into a new era. An era in which we take back our power as individuals and communities.

Join forces with us. Here’s to a new Golden Age for Greece and all of Earth.


Elena Era is an author, energy healer and teacher, based in Athens, Greece. Her websites are: Home of Healing (Greek) and (English). Her book “Ezerstenia – The Awakening of the Second Earth” can be found on Amazon.



Meg Adamson-Gour is a teacher, speaker and presenter and the founder of She is based in Massachusetts, US, and works globally.