Christmas Full Moonby Judith Bogner, 24 December 2015

This year on Christmas Day we will experience a full moon for the first time since 1977. It will be a great cosmic gift to Earth and mankind at this time of great change and transformation for the human family as a whole and each individuals.

Back in 1977 I was 9 years old and had very little awareness of the ongoings in the world. All I cared about was having fun in the snow, making (not buying) Christmas presents for my parents and getting excited about Christmas eve when the bell would finally me call me into our lounge that had been off limits for me for several days. Behind closed doors my mother had transformed the room into a magical landscape of light and shadow with the sparkling fragrant tree at the centre, illuminated by bee wax candles, with a few small carefully wrapped shiny gifts and a plate of my favourite gingerbread treats underneath. The table was laid with our finest linen, porcelain and crystalware. On the record player was Carl Orff’s Christmas Oratorium. Magic for all the senses. Today I know that in those days my parents had to make ends meet with limited resources. I knew nothing of their worries. I had all I could have wished for. For a little 9 year old girl it was heaven on Earth.

As I recall these impressions they feel just as vivid today as they were then. The little girl within me is just as excited. The Christmas room has changed with every house move (and I’ve moved a lot), yet the magic is fresh and vibrant. Indeed over time, it expanded and has taken root in all areas of my life. Even in times of great sorrow there would be a magical something  to ignite my senses and bring forth the child within. With her came her gifts of being present, curious and fearless in this landscape of light and shadow as only a child born during the darkest winter nights can be, leading the adult tormented by heavy thoughts of her own making to a new understanding of herself.

Each year during this time of the Winter Solstice that we know as Christmas, I give thanks to that child and celebrate her continuos rebirth. And without judgment I give thanks to all other aspects who have joined her along the way. I celebrate all that has brought me to the threshold of this Christmas Full Moon in the knowledge that we am more than the sum of our parts. The stories of our life don’t own us, we own them. Together they are the landscape upon which we stand.

May the child within you show you the magic.

May this Christmas Full Moon illuminate your landscape.

Judith x

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