What is the Rose Sanctuary about? And why the Rose ….?

A channeled message from the Guardian of the Rose Sanctuary can be downloaded from our Free Goodies area.


“The Rose Sanctuary is a creation that has been growing within me for many years and is ripening very quickly. In the broadest sense it will be a retreat centre and community sanctuary open to all who are in need of healing, learning, resting and remembering. I’m kind of the foundation stone and it begins with this website.”

“The Rose Sanctuary will be built (or is already built in some form) in a beautiful sacred place where the land meets the water as it emerges from the womb of the earth. There will be fertile land with orchards, vegetables and meadows for animals to roam and feed. There will be wood land with tree elders and younglings. There will be ancient stones humming with wisdom. There will be buildings created in harmony with the land and the intention to serve the land and those who feel called to visit. There will be a great hall, shaped like a womb and made from living trees with a fire in the middle of the circle. There will space to be quiet and meditate and become nothing. There will be space to celebrate, sing, dance and be wild. There will be space to meet and merge with the elements, take flight and descend deep into the earth. There will be space to be born, to live, to die and be born again. It will be a place where those in matter live in partnership with Spirit.”

The Rose Sanctuary will be a living embodiment of all that I hold dear and practice myself: Living in harmony with Earth and all beings; Being present with awareness, kindness and compassion for myself and the worlds around me; Sitting with the clan in a circle around the fire, all being equal, all being heard, all being worthy; Honouring the elders; Nurturing the young; Creating sacred space for ceremony Aligning with the planetary and cosmic cycles; Working in partnership with Spirit and following the voice of my heart.”