I have a vision of Earth as a sacred place of balance, beauty and well-being.

I see the Earth as a living sentient being that is shape-shifting, expanding and re-newing herself.

I see the Ancient Ones coming forth and sharing their teachings once again.

I see the land waking up, pulsating with life and abundance.

I see wisdom of magic, mystery and sacred ceremony returning.

I see balance of male and female restored in all aspects of our world.

I see human beings living from the heart, in tune with nature, in harmony with each other as with animals, plants and minerals.

I see the cycle of creation being celebrated with joy and wonder.

I see the living gracefully releasing the dead and consciously receiving new life.

I see children born effortlessly and in the full knowledge of their mission and gifts.

I see the elders being honoured for their wisdom and service.

I see leaders serving their communities with integrity, honesty and care.

I see soldiers saving life.

I see companies thriving on the well-being of their employees, employers and clients.

I see business success with profit for everybody involved, according to their needs, plans and desires.

I see laws replaced by innate knowing that evolves as communities evolve.

I see doctors as guardians of the balance of mind, body and soul.

I see colour and sound used as tools to heal, transform and transmute.

I see communication flowing without the need for words.

I see technology developing to serve and support well-being.

I know this vision is in the making, even though the world around us at present may look rather chaotic. What I see is the undoing of rigid structures and limiting belief systems that may once have served to protect us but that do not serve any longer, making way for a change towards graceful flowing, allowing, expanding. This undoing is at times an awkward uncomfortable process, a result of resistance. Yet my own experience is that meeting change half way allows us to become a partner in the change and consciously shape its outcome and enjoy the process. Indeed I see myself and many others on the same journey as we literally shape the path underneath out feet – even though we cannot see road.

Judith Bogner, January 2015

Chelmsford, United Kingdom