A shaman is a bridge between the world of matter and spirit. Shamans have many job descriptions: they were the first messengers, oracles, storytellers, dancers, singers, musicians, weavers, smiths, magicians, comedians, marriage counsellors, midwives, brewers, herbalists, artists, warriors, healers and priests. Shamans take many shapes and sometimes choose to be invisible. They may look young in one moment and very old in the next. Shamans travel throughout the depth of the Earth, through the furthest regions of cosmos and between dimensions. They speak in tongues, in tones and ancient languages. They talk to animals, trees, stones, crystals, stars, angels and deities. They anchor the wisdom of the ancient days and will continue to remember for as long as humans walk the Earth.

My ancestral memory tells me that I have experienced every spiritual pathway and religion that is known to mankind. The one that is dearest to my soul is the shamanic path. In this life time I have come to remember this path. You could say I have become my own ancestor.

23In the context of my current life time as a white woman in a Western culture, I choose to call myself a shamanic practitioner as a gesture of respect for indigenous shamans and their cultures. The word ’shaman’ is understood to be a title of honour that cannot be claimed: it is bestowed through the community the shaman serves.

The best way I can describe my service is this: I’m like a river bed through which a very pure, beautiful, high vibrational river is running. There are plenty of other names for it, for me it’s a river that brings most benevolent transformation. I’m both in service to the source of this river and nourished by it. I can direct the river’s flow at will and I can share it with whoever calls upon my assistance and is ready to honour it. Those who seek out my help, have the choice of how much they wish to immerse themselves in this river. Whether it’s just the toes, a foot or the whole person with all their history – it is their choice entirely.

The shamanic path is one of empowerment. You choose when you are ready, what you want and how far you wish to go in your transformation.