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Whenever I meet Judith, I feel she’s always fully present with me – whether we work shamanically or not. It gives me a sense of being seen, heard and respected. For me, this translates right into her shamanic practice as what I would call “shamanic integrity”. Together with the shamanic tool box this shamanic integrity allows her to assist those in need.

Nicole Grabert, Germany

Judith merges the dimensions of ancient and modern business world into one, so you have access to all its wisdom at once. Her unique way to tune into your universal field is a tremendous asset in her work.

Claudia Hinz, New Jersey, US

What has Judith brought to my life? Magic, sunshine, thinking out of the box, finding the interconnection between events, like a skilled weaver of life events, making us better understand our lives’ story.

Wafa Tarnowsky, United Kingdom

“I started a course of Shamanic Journeys with Judith following a recommendation from a friend. The Journeys have truly been amazing.  Judith taught me how to interpret my experiences and now I Journey around once a week.  Each time it’s different, with new lessons and some fantastic episodes.  Anytime I want to know about anything  I journey with that purpose and find an answer.  I hold the highest value on everything she’s taught me and can’t recommend Judith enough as a Shamanic Practitioner.  If it’s something you’re considering I’d advise you to go for it and enjoy!”

Michelle Elaawar, United Kingdom

“My healing with Judith: Forgiveness, happiness, peace. It was a big light shower in my soul. A compassion and love experience cause I realized all those beautiful spirits protecting and showing us what is really important in life.”

Patricia Lima, Brazil