The following questions are frequently raised in the context of shamanic work and in relation to Judith’s sessions:
Does the Shamanic Way of Life have anything to do with religion?
While the Shamanic Way of Life is a spiritual practice, it exists outside of established religions and can work well alongside them. Shamanism has been practised my mankind long before the arrival of religion. Most symbols, rituals and words by various religious systems have their origin in shamanism.
What is your service as facilitator about?
I seek to empower my clients and assist them in re-establishing their own individual ‘line of communication’ with Spirit, without the need for a framework, interpreter or building. This means taking back full responsibility for your spiritual as well as for your physical and mental well-being. This means seeing with the heart, being compassionate towards yourself and others, staying out of judgment and in gratitude. It means being consciousness and aware in every breath. It means  letting go of fear and dropping into trust. It means aligning with your Soul.
Do I need to have an experience in spiritual or religious practices?
No. All that is required is your permission and openness.
I’m not sure which kind of session I want to book. What can I do to find out?
Simply have a look around the services products on offer and see what resonates most with you and relates to your needs. Try one or several of our Free Goodies. Browse Judith’s blog, the archive, the Rose Sanctuary treasures and have a look at the lectures on offer. Allow what you see, read and hear to stimulate your senses and your imagination and then ask your heart “what feels right for me”. Feel free to get in touch in case you would like further assistance to make your choice.
Can I book a session for someone else?
Free will and empowerment are top priority in all shamanic work. So it can only be done with the explicit permission and cooperation of the person concerned. If you wish to gift a session to someone else, you will need to visit with them first and establish they are willing to go ahead with a session. You can always choose the gift card option and let the recipient of your gift choose for themselves.