The following websites and their creators are considered our allies and friends and we warmly recommend their services:

Meg is a fellow warrioress of the light who I’m honoured to call my sister and friend. As highly sensitive and gifted channel for the realm of Nature, she facilitates the remembering and re-integration of the ancient sacred partnership between mankind and Nature to the benefit of humans, animals, plants and minerals and the wholeness of Earth. Meg wholeheartedly puts this partnership into practice in her own daily life as well as in her teachings and her work with clients – who often are likely to have 4 paws, even if the call for help came from a human source.

Semele is a fellow warrioress of the light who I’m honoured to call my sister and friend. Finely attuned to the invisible realm, she embodies the archetype of the wild and wise woman who brings healing, insight and nurturing to those requesting her assistance on their journey to wholeness as soul in a human body. She carries within herself a special connection to ancient sacred sites across the lands and facilitates their return into our conscious awareness, so they are once again known and honoured. When you connect with Semele, you may find yourself wondering if you’re talking to one of the Faey who has chosen to take human form just for you. And you are probably right.

Elena Era is a fellow warrioress of the light and gifted web designer, artist, writer and healer based in Athens, Greece. Elena created both my websites and continues to assist me in expanding my virtual platforms with her technical and creative brilliance. Elena creates beautiful sacred jewellery that helps you to align with the blue green jewel that is our Earth and manifest your own sacred journey. Elena’s gift as storyteller have taken the form of several books already. I suggest you start with “Ezerstenia – The Awakening of the Second Earth”, available on Amazon. If you ever wondered about how thoughts created our universe, this book will give you some ideas.

Imelda is a companion on the Way of the Shaman who I’m honoured to call my sister and friend. As brilliant shamanic teacher, gifted painter and powerful healer she draws people from near and far for her courses in sacred art and shamanism. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that her creations are big medicine come to life. They speak to and transforms those who look upon them. Her Time Travellers workshops are an inspiring and much needed initiative that creates a safe and sacred space for children and teenager who wish to explore and nurture their partnership with Spirit.

Claire 2Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and writer providing spiritual services and tools assisting the human and soul journey. For me, she unites within herself an unusual combination of exquisite clarity of vision and deep spiritual insight with the rich experience of a successful corporate business woman. Claire has been my trusted and highly valued mentor through many highs and lows on my journey. I’m deeply grateful for her support, friendship and wisdom.

The Sacred Trust is a UK-based educational organisation offering shamanic trainings and workshops on shamanism from weekends to three-year shamanic practitioner trainings. For me, it is my shamanic home from home where I’ve undertaken most of my shamanic training in this lifetime and where I continue to serve as assistant. I hold immense appreciation, respect and gratitude for all Sacred Trust Faculty members. They teach, live and embody the heart of the art of the shamanic work.