Shamanic Ceremony is an ancient way to mark and honour the great transformations in our lives. These include for example birth, death, coming of age, marriage, divorce, name blessing, company founding, any form of official commitment, anniversary, land purchase/sale, house move/warming, and so forth. Shamanic Ceremony merges the mystical with the practical aspects of the event. It brings the special energies that flow during these moments into our conscious awareness and anchors them so they may fully benefit our personal journey and all those affected by this transformation.

Our ancestors who were expert astronomers and sensitive to the energetic changes in the Earth also undertook Ceremony to mark regular and infrequent cosmic alignments. I follow this tradition and undertake Ceremony at Full and New Moon, Equinox and Solstice.

Additionally, I offer guidance on personal rituals that you may wish to integrate into your life, for specific dates or periods that are meaningful.

I’m available for all types of occasions and special moments. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

For US clients: In the US, I’m an ordained Lightmaster and thus legally allowed to officiate marriages. A certificate can be provided upon request.