60mins, remote or in person.

During this session we will address imbalances and dis-ease of heart, body, mind and soul. These could be for example illness, lack of vitality, misfortune, feeling of not being fully present or not being yourself, a sense of another presence in your body, a feeling of being burdened, limited or disempowered – anything that prevents you from feeling whole, empowered and happy. Or you may simply wish for Spirit to re-fuel and nourish you.

Before the session you will be asked beforehand to formulate an intention that will reflect you taking responsibility for your healing journey. Upon receiving your request for help and intention I will consult with Spirit on how we may best assist you to meet your intention. Some clients wish do deepen the work with further sessions to follow-up as they integrate the healing.

Whatever your intention may be: our work together will be transformative. Think of it as a rebirth into a new phase of your life. Be prepared for change!

Please note: I request that you abstain from alcohol and mind-altering substances 2-3 days before and after all sessions as the toxins may interfere with the work.