60mins, via Skype or phone.

The focus of this session is to understand your journey as human and as soul. The human personality is in charge of our daily practical choices, our soul consciousness is the driving force that shapes our life.

This session can be helpful when you are at a junction in your life where you need to or wish to make (new) choices. Some clients use this session to gain clarity in the run up to an anniversary or birthday which always constitutes a personal rebirth into a new phase. Other clients use this session to understand where they are on their journey and how to align with their soul consciousness.

You are asked to prepare for this session by pondering where you feel you currently are in your life and what you wish to achieve in our work together. Please put your thoughts in a set of questions and/ or an intention. Asking questions opens the gateway to your soul consciousness. An intention is the key that ignites the process of transformation.