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The Rose Sanctuary School offers lectures, courses, workshops, both online and in person, for groups and as one-on-one tuition. We respectfully ask that all tuition sessions are paid for in full before they take place.

Some background on the origins of the Rose Sanctuary School:
In ancient Greek and Celtic culture, schools was taught outdoors in nature. The name Lykeion originally was an idyllic grove just outside of Athens that was used as public meeting place to hold discussions and for physical recreation. Just like the Celtic druids, Greek scholars chose beautiful places in nature, surrounded by trees, to share they wisdom with their audience. When Aristotle chose the Lykeion to establish his school of philosophical wisdom, its name soon became synonymous as a place for higher education. Over time, the name Lykeion soon became synomous with an institution that offers higher eduction school. The name was adapted by the Romans as “Lyceum” which later became “Lycée” in French and “Lyzeum” in German.

The name Lykeion itself is understood to derive from its patron, Apollo Lykeios. But it is not quite clear if the name relates to the Greek word for light (“lyke”) or for wolf (“lykos”). Light would work well with Apollo’s job description as sun god and bringer of light, while he was also known as protector of herds and flocks from the wolves who were sacred to Apollo which points back to the shamanic art of shapeshifting into animal form.

So if you will, the Rose Sanctuary School is a place to share wisdom and bring light into the world so we once again remember how to release our form at will and become the highest expression of our soul consciousness in a physical body. For this is what humanity is here for – to express Divine Light through intelligent activity on the material plane.